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Sowing the Seeds...
 ...Reaping the Harvest

WHEN YOU THINK BACK on your childhood, undoubtedly, certain memories come back.  And among those memories come faces; mental images of the people who touched your life in ways great and small.  And though they have long since left the stream of conscious memory, the lessons they taught and their inspiration have left an indelible mark on your character.

For thousands of people, Jon D. Kehl planted that seed of inspiration.  As a physical education teacher, Jon believed in investing in the lives of his students.  He was a motivator who went beyond the call of duty to sponsor mentoring programs, physical challenge events, and special initiative test.

The passion he showed as an educator led him to being named Connecticut's director for the Physical Fitness Institute of America.  After touring the state on a lecture circuit, Jon opened and ran a gymnastics training center.  But life changes sparked an entirely new direction for Jon.  After meeting so many parents and becoming a father himself, Jon decided to switch gears.  He believed that there was a need for business owners and successful professionals to feel a sense of security - to know that they were prepared for everything the future held. 

There were two major needs Jon saw in the lives of his clients: they wanted to be able to retire without worries and they wanted to see their children go to college.  But to reach their goals, they usually didn't need to save more. They needed to effectively plan for their futures.

Today, as an financial advisor, Jon is driven to make a difference for his clients.  Once he sits down with them, he is able to give them a plan to help reach their financial goals.  Whether it means evaluating their spending and investing, or helping them find new ways to put their money to work for them, Jon helps investors minimize taxation and strive to achieve their dreams.

When it comes to your financial future and the future of your business, you've already planted the seeds of success.  To see them reach their fullest potential, know that you can call on a professional who will help simplify planning your future.  Since 1983, Jon D. Kehl has been helping local businesses and families like yours by Harvesting the Seeds of Financial Success.  Call or e-mail today.