The Relationship

I consider myself a financial mentor or “Sherpa”, determined to find out what is important to you, helping you identify where you want to go, financially, with the goal to help you get you there quicker, more efficiently, and as safely as possible while striving to have more money to spend on yourself and your family.  As a Financial & Investment Advisor Representative of Securities America Advisors and holding all licenses necessary to provide any services for my clients, my goal is to assist and advise you, providing clarity and confidence for you to make informed financial decisions.

What you get from the Financial Advisor Jon D. Kehl

  • Easy/Simple ongoing advice without the hassle of having to move your assets, insurance or retirement plans
  • Personal, objective advice tailored to your best interests, needs and goals.
  • An holistic view of your entire financial picture and make recommendations based upon your best interest, goals, risk tolerance, and time frames.
  • Due to my approach, I position myself to eliminate any bias that is not in your best interest.

Seven reasons why an advised based relationship may be better for you.

My passion is to address your fiscal fitness.  I've spent my life teaching youngsters, coaching athletes, and helping individuals work toward their goals, whether in fitness and sports, personal growth, business success, or protection and financial matters. I chose to focus my efforts on giving advice vs. selling products because of the value it brings to my clients.

  1. You will have a higher understanding of where you are and how you will get to where you ultimately want to go.  You will be better equipped to make informed decisions.
  2. This process is all about you and your family, and centers on your needs, your goals, and your particular situations.
  3. It gives you clarity and an understanding of your roadmap toward your goals.
  4. It will provide specifics as to the steps to be taken.
  5. I will provide the accountability necessary, with the goal to help you better succeed in your financial journey.  Your busy schedule, responsibilities, and pressing activities can often get in the way of the things you need to follow through on.  I will help keep you on track.
  6. We will document the needs, goals and steps taken and steps to be taken at every stage to continuously move toward your goals.
  7. I believe that this process can increase the probability of achieving what you want and need to accomplish.

 For further discussion, take the opportunity to call and we can explore this further.